Three Indian Railway Reservations That Can Unbelievably Save Your Time and Money

Three Indian Railway Reservations That Can Unbelievably Save Your Time and Money

Getting a reservation in Indian Railways has become one of the bigger challenges for citizens. With the explosion of Indian railway customers, the availability is still to mitigate the need. In such cases, the scenario becomes pathetic during festive seasons. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended that you do the reservation beforehand so that you may have safe and comfortable journey.

Breaking a Journey

If you have planned to travel more than 500 Km then at any point of time you can pause your journey after 500 kms of travel before traveling ahead. But the break is not permissible for more than 2 days. Therefore, if you make a proper plan then you can easily spend 4 days during up and down. Accordingly, you may have ample time to visit and cover some destinations at the place you break your journey. It will give an awesome flexibility to your plans.

Circular Journey

If you want to tour multiple places in a single journey then a circular reservation would be ideal for the plan where the journey starts and ends at the same station. A single circular trip allows 8 breaks in circular reservation journey. Indian Railways has some standard customized circular journey options that allow you to cover some of the best destinations in the country. You may plan your travel as per the standard route or may design the route as per your preferences. There are manifold benefits of booking a circular journey as you need not require to book ticket for every single lap of your journey; hence, the travel becomes easier and more relaxed. Even the flexibility and decreased fares make the option one of the best for your vacations.


Indrail is something like a pass only applicable for foreigners in India. The pass permits abroad travelers to move across India without any glitch, but within stipulated fixed time period. Indrail passes are available at all the prominent railway stations.

These are the 3 types of reservations available under Indian railways that can help passengers to save money and enjoy their journey to the fullest. These options are not so popular, but the intent of the write-up was to enlighten maximum readers about the awesome facility offered by Indian railways and make the next vacation with Indian railways as one of the memorable trips of life time.


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